Its the ultimate Spring Cleaning Event and its completely free! This is a great way after tax season to securely dispose of your documents! Furthermore, why not dispose of your unwanted or broken electronics the safe way for the environment!

We will be working with On and Off Site Shredding and E-Waste US at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Parking Lot, 6020 Radford Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606.

Please join us on April 18th, 2020 from 11:30 am – 2:30 PM. 

It’s always free and set up for the North Hollywood community. 

You just show up to the parking lot with your old electronics and old paperwork and we take care of the rest!

Items that were accepted for E-Waste Disposal:

  • Desktop PC Computers and Accessories
  • Laptop, Notebook & Tablet Computers
  • Computer Monitor – CRT or Flat Screen
  • Servers CPU Unit
  • Circuit Boards / Motherboards
  • Networking Hardware
  • Modems
  • Cables, Wires & Connectors
  • PDA/Handheld Systems
  • Television CRT, LCD and Plasma Sets
  • Single, Multi Line & Regular Phones
  • Cellular Phones & Accessories
  • Chargers
  • Cable TV Converter Equipment

Have a question about this event or see something that is not on the list? Contact me on the right-hand side of the screen or call me at (818) 209-8323!


Take a look at our past Shredding and E-Waste Events! 

Electronic Waste Disposal. Every year, we accumulate countless electronic devices that we no longer use. Many of these devices contain a variety of materials, including metals that can be recovered for recycling. Recycling your waste electronics saves resources because new metals don’t have to be mined. In addition, electronic devices contain high enough levels of certain materials, such as lead, that render them hazardous waste when disposed. Hazardous wastes cannot be disposed of in the garbage.